gaming sinds 1997

Developer: “Burut”


In 1938 the expedition of Ernst Sheffer, equipped by a Nazi occult organization Anenerbe belonging to SS, reached its point of destination – a Tibetan town Lhassa. Though Tibetan monks gave them a cordial welcome, Ernst failed to find things he was expected to, and had to return to Berlin empty-handed. This could have happened… […]

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Kreed is high-tech 3d-action, in which player will become Legionnaire – one of the most trained and dangerous warriors of 3rd millennium. According to the storyline, gamer with small team of trade ship “Aspero” find himself in strange region of cosmic space. Nobody can go out from this zone, a lot of spacecrafts disappeared in […]

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Heath: The Unchosen Path

At a black time, when evil hordes, mighty necromancers, attacked east borders of the country of the GoldenPeaks, when people did not have power to fight, when great heroes were defeated and buried in a deep dark dungeons, only then Gods of Lights, for the sake of rescuing a mankind, have decided to waive their […]

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