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Developer: “Davilex”

Knight Rider 2

Knight Rider 2 will address much of the customer feedback received on the first Knight Rider game as well as add many new features, which will improve the gameplay dramatically whilst maintaining the authentic atmosphere of the series. Knight Rider 2 will contain more action, in-game animations, special effects and dialogue than its predecessor. In […]

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Beach King Stunt Racer

Ingredients? Beaches, buggy’s and babes! You will be performing super tricks, jumps and stunts allowing for a sensational gameplay experience with continuing motivation to perform better, higher and more daring feats. Goal is to become King of the Beach and win the hearts of the cutest beach babes around. All against the backdrop of tropical […]

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Knight Rider

Based on the popular 80’s TV series Knight Rider, the game will of course feature the character Michael Knight, but more importantly, the world’s most technologically-advanced car: Knight Industries Two Thousand – better known as KITT. In the game, the player will be able to get behind the wheel of this sleek futuristic Pontiac Trans […]

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