gaming sinds 1997

Developer: “Hitmaker”

Last Rebellion

Revenge of the Ninth Degree! After Nine is betrayed and killed by his brother, Nine wants nothing more than revenge for his own murder. To stay alive he is forced to share his body and soul with the female Aisha, a magical sealer who must help Nina become the heir and savior of his family. […]

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Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller brings breakneck speed and wild automotive action to America’s Playground! Get behind the wheel with one of four new characters, each with their own trademark attitude and a new set of wheels. Throw out the rules of the road to make it big, with wackier customers, devious shortcuts and even […]

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Virtual-On Marz

Mech combat meets street brawling in a lightning-fast weapon-intensive arena-based Battle Royal. As a member of “Marz,” a Robotic Special Forces unit, players are thrust into the pilot’s seat of a giant mech known as a Virtuaroid (VR), an immensely capable machine built specifically for combat. Blasting through a variety of missions on various planets, […]

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