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Developer: “Monte Cristo”

City Life

“City Life” is a modern city building simulation in a detailed real-time 3D view. The game allows building and managing 21st century cities in animated environments full of special effects. At the same time, the interests of six different population groups must be considered. “City Life’s” 3D engine even allows zooming right into the heart […]

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Medieval Lords

Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand challenges aspiring city governors to build and manage thriving cities, protect against invasions from neighbouring kingdoms, and expand into new territories – all in the city building genre’s first 3D environment that lets the player zoom right into the action and build anywhere on the map. Medieval Lords brings city […]

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7 Sins

Think you can roll with the high life? Reckon you’re a true player? 7 Sins is your chance to prove it. Money, fame, power and sex are at your fingertips…but everything has its price. If you want a piece of the action, you’re going to have to lie, steal, seduce and cheat your way to […]

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Pop Star Academy

Be a Superstar and Climb to Fame and Glory! The public have decided: You are the winner of Pop Star Academy! Take lessons from showbiz professionals, hire dancers and train, train, train… Soon you’ll have to face tough competition with other rising stars and prove your talent on TV stages and in front of live […]

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Fire Department

Become a real hero with Fire Department, a new strategy game that will have players firing up their PCs to get in on the excitement of blazing fires and terrifying rescue missions. Control entire teams of firefighters who are busy trying to save the world and use strategy and management skills to put the flames […]

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