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Developer: “Relentless Software”

Buzz! Quiz World

BUZZ! Quiz World for PS3 allows players to define their BUZZ! quiz experiences exactly how they want with several new customization and personalization options. Players can choose to play a short or long game and they can even select the round types and question topics. BUZZ! Quiz World for PS3 tests players’ trivia talent with […]

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Buzz! Quiz TV

If previous Buzz! titles have been individual gameshows, this is a whole TV network. Buzz!: Quiz TV gives you instant access to almost any subject you can think of, and will be supported by vast downloadable and user-generated content. If there was ever a time to pick up Buzz!’s famous quiz show buzzer controllers, this […]

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Buzz! The Pop Quiz

You’ve been to the gigs, got messy at the festivals and plastered posters on your walls, but now Buzz!: The Pop Quiz will separate the wannabes from the winners with questions that will put any music guru to the test – and no tickets are necessary. Packed with hundreds of music clips from the 1990s […]

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Buzz! The Mega Quiz

Each contestant that steps up to the podium to test their general knowledge will be on the receiving end of any one of 5000 questions. Now that Buzz is rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, he has brought to the show his very own portfolio of over 100 celebrity photos, as well as movie […]

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Buzz! The Big Quiz

The new series extends the format of Buzz’s first show and cranks up the tension by giving contestants more chances to steal points from each another… so make sure you watch your back in new rounds like ‘Hitman’, as well as returning favourites like ‘Pass the Bomb’. Buzz’s new studio also has room for up […]

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Buzz! The Music Quiz

Buzz brings the music game-show to your living room, testing your music trivia and buzzer skills. Included with the game are a set of four bespoke buzzers which lets four people play right away, and provides an interface that even a techno-zero would understand. ‘Buzz’ is your host, complete with an all-knowing smile, a catchphrase, […]

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