gaming sinds 1997

Developer: “Way Forward”

Aliens: Infestation

Game over man, game over! Immerse yourself in the Aliens universe on Nintendo DS in this action-packed, platform shooter with a hardcore, retro feel and a deep storyline that tailors itself to your game. Lead your own specially selected team of Colonial Marines into action to rescue captured comrades and battle hordes of Xenomorphs with […]

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Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Play through exciting escapades in a fun and interactive way on Wii and Nintendo DS as the hit animated series comes to life in Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame. Team up in the ultimate co-op adventure and battle as Batman along with his powerful posse including Green Lantern, Robin, Hawkman and Blue […]

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Spy vs Spy

The Spies are up to their usual hi-jinx in this fast-paced, madcap action-espionage game. Your mission is to retrieve top-secret information, while trying to outwit and outlast up to three friends (or enemies).

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