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Beam Breakers

The face of the city has changed. Forever. Buildings that once ruled the cities are dwarfed by Skyscrapers that strewn the landscape of the future. The laws of rush-hour have changed. Forever. Since the invention of the antiGrav technology, public transport is not bound to earth anymore. Millions of commuters go about their lives following the beams as they drive their antiGrav cars through the huge canyons of the biggest metropolis on the planet.

The face of racing has changed. Forever. Death-defying drivers from rival gangs risk everything in wild, illegal racing in the middle of the rush hour – always on the run from MetroPolice. Now, a new challenge has come, and once again the rules are set to be broken

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Beam Breakers

Het moet niet altijd even gemakkelijk te zijn, maar in het begin mocht het spel toch nog iets meer vergevend zijn.

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