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Crimson Skies

Alas, mounting isolationism, prohibition and the economic depression of the 1930s has taken its toll on America in the air-combat/adventure game Crimson Skies. The former United States has been fractured into regional blocs and the skies above have been filled with superstar pirates and bootleggers taking advantage of the burgeoning air-transport system.

You’ll play as Nathan Zachary, a swashbuckler/ladies’ man with an assortment of privateer missions that will require you to be a daredevil flyer, ruthless dogfighter and a good judge of character since there is no honour among thieves. You’ll steal government fighters for parts and save beautiful damsels in distress. A special logbook tracks all of your adventures, or, if you’d rather, you can put the cart before the horse by using special pull-down menus in the log to create your own adventure from scratch

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