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It is 1942, and the Nazis are searching for the Lost City, which is believed to be the place where the twelve mysterious weapons of King Arjuna are located. Each of these is capable of destroying entire nations. But there is one man who causes the expedition to run into difficulties, successfully thwarting the Nazis plans of world domination. His name is Grom, Colonel Grom… and he has an old score to settle.

Grom is a truly epic game that will provide players with loads of pure adventure, a bit of humour, and a touch of mystery to arouse the imagination. It is an action-RPG product combining deep storyline and real time strategy elements for combats. Easy to get into, yet the powerful interface and blockbuster movie feeling will appeal to everyone – amateur or pro. The mysterious lands of India and Tibet are awaiting to be explored …

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Ik vrees dat de mensen van Rebelmind te veel hooi op hun vork hebben willen nemen

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