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When it comes to dispensing justice with extreme prejudice, nothing beats a gun-wielding, death-dealing anti-hero. Gungrave for the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system casts you in the role of Grave, a long-dead assassin sent to annihilate a mysterious criminal organization. The tools at your disposal: a gun in each hand and a coffin full of hardware strapped to your back. You’ll lead Grave through huge environments ranging from the bowels of the criminal underworld to graceful towers stretching toward Heaven, all filled with relentless foes that will stop at nothing to bring you down. In these stages, there’s no such thing as window dressing — everything you see on the screen can be perforated with your firearms. Gungrave features an intuitive control system that lets you to perform a variety of graceful moves, and DVD-quality cutscenes by renowned anime artist Yasuhiro Naito. If you like full-tilt action with a healthy dose of anime-inspired mayhem, Gungrave will blow you away

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