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IL-2 Sturmovik

IL-2™ offers a target-rich environment. Moving targets include other aircraft and a wide variety of land and naval vehicles. Bring down rare birds like the German tow plane He 111Z and the Fieseler Storch. Pick your ride from 17 accurately simulated types of planes including IL-2s, MiG-3s, LaGG-3s, lend-leased P-39s, Bf 109-Fs/Gs. During six historical campaigns from 1941 to 1945 you’ll encounter 24 additional AI controlled aircraft such as the Fw 190, He 111, Hs 129 and the infamous Ju 87 “Stuka”. Well above 65 different vehicles will engage in ground and naval battles. Among those are tanks, field artillery, AAA guns, destroyers, submarines and torpedo boats.

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