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Lotus Challenge

Lotus Challenge isn’t about simply driving fast – to be part of Team Lotus you need to have style, panache and skill as well. The game has a strong story which sees you performing a number of astounding driving feats, ranging from jumping through trains on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster, to chauffering a pregnant woman to the hospital before she delivers.

We’ve got just a handful of the 42 cars in Louts Challenge for you to interact with in glorious 3D. These are actual in-game models, so you get to witness the lavish detail first hand.

Lotus Challenge contains environments realistically re-created from real world locations. From the dusky streets of London to the neon-lit highways of Tokyo, the tracks in Lotus will put you to the ultimate test. Get insider information on the best way to tackle these courses, from the official Lotus test drivers themselves, in our exclusive tracks section

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