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Metroid Prime Pinball

Play Multi-Mission play on one of six pinball tables to unlock new pinball regions, or level-up the current region to increase the challenge and up the point values. Players collect hidden artifacts, play through dozens of pinball mini-games, battle a variety of enemies and defeat bosses. Even if they can defeat the ultimate boss, the game is not over. Players can backtrack through the game to take on even harder enemies so they can really rack up the points. Play individual Score Attack or Time Attack modes for high scores.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Drop into a third-person Samus form to battle attacking bugs, bosses, Space Pirates and a host of other enemies. Use a combination of flipper action and Morph Ball Bombs to play through the game. Tapping the touch screen nudges the surface of the table to keep the pinball in play. Through game-play achievements, Samus collects a variety of weapons like Power Bombs and Missiles. This slick, action-packed pinball game features more than a dozen pinball-style game modes. Players flip and bomb their way through the Triclops Terror, and even unleash the mighty Phazon Multiball

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Metroid Prime Pinball

Als je naar een goed flipperspel op DS zoekt om een kwartiertje te doden is Metroid Prime Pinball een zeer goeie keuze

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