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This side story to SEGA’s popular Shinobi invites players to live out the events following Hotsuma’s victory over Hiruko’s evil minions. But like all things, victory is fleeting, and an evil such as Hiruko’s is not so easily vanquished. Just as Tokyo begins the slow and tedious process of repairs, a new rift opens between Earth and the demon realm. Unwilling to take such supernatural threats lightly, the Japanese government enlists the talents of Kunoichi, a skilled female ninja with a keen understanding of both martial and mystical arts. As Kunoichi, players will battle countless demonic foes within a wide assortment of unique urban environments spanning rooftops, construction sites, industrial factories, and more

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Nightshade is een spel voor mensen die nog altijd geloven in moeilijke eindbazen, meedogenloze actie en nog meer van die elementen uit de tijd dat je zo’n spel nog moest uitspelen zonder savepoints

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