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Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

The story of Rygar begins with the Island of Argus being plagued by evil Titans. Armageddon has spread over the land, creating chaos as volcanoes, earthquakes, and monsters ravage the countryside. In mankind’s darkest hour, a hero rises from the ashes to defeat the Titans, rescue the princess and restore order to the land. The player will become Rygar and his legendary adventure will begin.

Rygar’s Diskarmor features over 30 distinct action moves that display the awesome power of the weapon and leave the player’s head spinning. One of the most impressive moves is the “Snap Attack” where the Diskarmor is used as a whip to grab enemies. Once Rygar has grabbed hold of his foe he uses the Diskarmor to toss the enemy onto another enemy, destroying both with one bad-ass flick of the wrist. The Diskarmor also allows Rygar to hoist himself up and onto different platforms. This defense move is called the “Grappling Hook” and will be used to dodge surprise enemy attacks.

Rygar’s adventures will lead him through several different worlds. Each world promises to provide a new adventure for the mighty hero including new enemies and larger-then-life bosses. It will not be an easy journey for Rygar who will go up against over 70 enemies during his epic adventure

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