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Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The sequel to its critically acclaimed predecessor released in 2001, Shadow Hearts: Covenant takes place over a year after the original ended, and finds Yuri embarking on a new expedition during World War I in a fantastical world of magic and creatures. Cursed by a secret cult that is taking advantage of the war to fulfill their evil ambitions, Yuri’s morphing abilities are weakened. Yuri and his companions must journey to find a cure for his curse and defeat the malevolent cult. Shadow Hearts: Covenant is scheduled to be available exclusively for the PlayStation 2 in fall 2004

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Het is zo’n beetje als frieten van Mc Cain: zij die er het meest van spreken, zijn zij die er het minst van eten

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

De toevoeging van de Judgement Ring en de Malice meter zorgen voor de originele noot in deze titel

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