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Hallucinaties in Far Cry 3

Wat gebeurt er wanneer een doodnormale jongeman, op exotische vakantie met vrienden, plots op een mysterieus eiland in de problemen komt en moet moorden om zijn vrienden te redden? Dat is in een notendop het verhaal waarmee Far Cry 3 aan de slag gaat. In een interview met Polygon legt Mark Thompson, Level Design Director, uit welke richting ze daarmee uit willen gaan. Je mag je alvast verwachten aan een diepgaand verhaal met de allures van een psychologische thriller en een aantal zenuwslopende scènes, die wel of niet echt zijn.

“Sometimes it’s basically Jason’s psyche starting to break down a little bit. The walls between reality and his mind start to crumble a little bit. It’s kind of in reaction to what he’s doing, he’s becoming a killer and has this blood on his hands. And sometimes his subconscious sort of raises up and goes ‘Hey Jason, what’s going on here? What are you doing? What are you becoming?’ So we have these kind of introspective sequences.”

The message we communicate in these sequences, we always, we leave it open. We don’t want to give people the answer. We let them figure it out. It comes back to having respect for the audience. We don’t want to just tell them on the nose what’s happening in the story. We want to give them some pieces of the puzzle and we want to let them put it together and really give them a chance to make their own interpretations.”

“Far Cry isn’t about a specific narrative or character, it’s more of the idea of a location that’s at the edge of civilization, that doesn’t really have rules. There never is a sense of something being right or wrong or someone being a good guy or a bad guy. There is always a moral gray space in between.”

“The game is about what is the cost of becoming a hero. What is the personal toll that is exacted upon someone who becomes a hero.”

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