gaming sinds 1997

Publisher: “Arush”


Set on post-apocalyptic Earth where survival and ultimate dominance are all that matters, Devastation is a high action, teamplay oriented first person shooter. Powered by heavily modified, next generation Unreal® Engine technology, it pits teams of rebelling street fighters, gang leaders, mercenaries and ex-military fighters against overwhelming armies of high-tech corporate troopers

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Emergency 2

Take command of the city’s Emergency Services division, and direct multiple units including police, K-9, fire, and ambulance services. Under your leadership, your teams will perform feats of heroism by saving lives in traffic accidents, containing nuclear plant meltdowns, negotiating with hostage-takers and extinguishing raging forest blazes. You are in control of the best emergency […]

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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Gaming’s king of action returns in an all new adventure, this time in New York City. When we last saw our hero, he was dishing out smoking barrel justice to some well deserving alien bastards. Meanwhile, Duke Nukem’s archrival Proton has been working with elementary particles to develop a new radioactive power source. There’s one […]

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