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Publisher: “LEGO Media”

Bionicle: The Game

In a time before time, in a world you’ve only imagined, a shadow has been cast, six heroes have been chosen and the greatest of all challenges has been laid down. With the awesome elemental powers of the Toa at your fingertips, it has fallen to you to defeat Makuta and return the island of […]

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Drome Racers

Drome Racers is a multi-terrain racing experience that will leave young speedsters breathless. Players take on the role of Max Axel who has trained intensely for the challenging Drome Championship and wants to take home the trophy. Getting behind the wheel of high-tech cars based on the 2002 LEGO® Racers construction toy range, players must […]

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LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts

Lights, Camera, ACTION! A Hollywood movie maker has just chosen LEGO® Island as the location for a new action adventure film that requires some jaw-dropping stunts. Naturally, Pepper Roni is cast as the lead stuntman for this big production, but not everyone is happy that he’s got the job! Players take on the role of […]

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