gaming sinds 1997

Publisher: “SNK PlayMore”

Metal Slug 4 & 5

In the year 20XX, a cyber-terrorist group has struck out at the world by unleashing a computer virus through the internet with a sole purpose of hijacking the militaries of the world’s nations. Join Marco, Fio, and new Metal Slug team members Trevor and Nadia to stop the distribution of the virus before it’s too […]

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Samurai Showdown V

The arcade classic that defined the art of Samurai fighting is now Only On Xbox featuring full Xbox Live support and Tournament mode. One Samurai’s quest to fight against the Shogun, leads to the gathering of the bravest of warriors

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King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact is the first time the long-running series The King of Fighters has gone 3D. Whilst three-dimensional versions of two-dimensional games can often struggle to capture the spirit of the originals, KOFMI not only retains its core gameplay elements but also expands them, bringing many new features that today’s gamer expects from a fighting […]

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