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Developer: “989 Sports”

This is Football 2005

Ever fancied playing for your favourite football team? TiF 2005 is here to make that dream come true, thanks to revolutionary new EyeToy: Cameo technology. Using EyeToy, you can capture a couple of simple images of your face and head, and Cameo will convert them into an uncannily realistic and fully animated 3D model which […]

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This Is Football 2004

This is Football 2004 is the ultimate football fan’s video game. The user controls all aspects of the team, playing against the CPU or up to 7 other users. TIF 2004 has totally revamped gameplay and deeper management options for a more immersive and compelling experience. The player can add football superstars to his favourite […]

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This Is Football 2003

This Is Football 2003 takes it one step further, featuring a number of enhancements in gameplay, tactics and graphics to ensure it retains its position as the cutting edge of real-time football simulations, providing the most intense football experience on next generation consoles. Strategically, TIF2003 boasts one of the best tactical intelligence engines around. Players […]

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