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Colin McRae Rally 2

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 wows with jaw-dropping visuals and combines incredibly detailed car and scenery graphics to deliver exhilarating rally courses across the world. Drive hard, contend with the constantly changing weather and take the cars to the edge of control; but go over the edge and you’ll soon discover the out-of-control damage effects.

Spoilers can crack, the back bumper can break off from one corner so that it drags along the ground, windscreens shatter… Created with close attention to detail, all the effects add greatly to the realism of the game. It’s man and machine against the elements – weather effects vary throughout each track and are randomly generated, appropriate to each country. Race a country and you’ll experience one set of weather conditions, race it again and experience another completely different set of conditions.

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 offers players five dynamic camera angles to view the action from, including the in-car driver’s “Head Cam” view which, with its constant jogging, simulates the relentless – often unforgiving – road surface’s effect on the car with dramatic effect

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