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M.A.X. 2

On the surface, both MAX games appear to have a lot in common with conventional real-time strategy. There is a background story that involves humanity’s involvement with the Concord, an intergalactic association of powerful alien races. In the first game mankind is struggling to become a fully-fledged member of the Concord, and in the sequel the human race, as part of the Concord, is turning to meet a new alien threat called the Sheevat. Your arsenal in prosecuting a war against the Sheevat will include a large variety of tanks, planes, ships, and infantry. With the exception of the new Sheevat units, all of the weapons of war in MAX 2 are holdovers from the original game. You can fight as the Sheevat in multiplayer mode and they do have some intriguing differences, but many of the Sheevat units are also analogous to what you’ll be fighting with on the human side of the conflict.

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