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Strike Fighters: Project 1

Strike Fighters is a multi-faceted flight-simulation game that features one of the most versatile combat aircraft of all time – the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II – a lean, loud and versatile aircraft that saw action as both an interceptor and strike fighter. The core of the game is traditional combat flight-simulation in which the player takes command of a thundering jet fighter and engages in aerial dogfight with enemy fighters while seeking and destroying ground targets.

The fictional campaign is set in the 1960s, when aviation technology was still primitive, but advancing at breakneck speed. Weapon selection within the game matches historical availability, offering a few select missiles and guided weapons later, but focusing primarily on mounted guns. As any former combat pilot can attest, the weapons of that era challenged the delivery skills of even top pilots, and most air battles involved visceral “in-your-face” gunfights in which outmaneuvering opponents remains the key to victory and survival. Strike Fighters takes this type of close combat to an unparalleled height by realistically modeling flight physics and aircraft systems, adding an overall sense of immersion to the game.

The game’s newly developed graphics engine employs the latest DirectX technology and renders scenes in rich, 32-bit color, with spectacular lighting effects, intricate texture layers, and reflective mapping. All flyable aircraft are modeled with exceptional detail and accuracy, right down to customizable squadron art and kill tallies

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