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Publisher: “Simon & Schuster”

Outlaw Volleyball

Outlaw Volleyball combines the fun gameplay of Virtua Tennis 2K2 with the outrageous humor of Outlaw Golf and South Park. The game is sand volleyball in 16 different environments featuring 16 characters, each of whom are available as teammates or opponents. Feel the action as you Spike or Die with fabulous babes and guys with […]

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Outlaw Golf

With a hardcore physics engine and a take-no-prisoners attitude, OUTLAW GOLF takes the sport to the extreme

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Real War: Rogue States

In this modern military RTS the United States has learned that the Independent Liberation Army (ILA) is being backed by a rogue state. It was thought the ILA was destroyed, but this new sponsor has re-energized the ILA and equipped it with even more lethal technology. The gamer’s task is to destroy this alliance and […]

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Real War

After unknown terrorists attack a USA base, the United States of America launches a missile strike against the terrorist compound. When the USA missile attack sets off a nuclear weapon hidden within the base, the terrorists accuse the USA of launching nuclear weapons. After word of the USA attack spreads, many nations in the eastern […]

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